Month: August 2017

Music day!

Even if at the beginning they feel a little shy, the kids are always happy to receive new visits in the kindergarten. In particular if these new faces bring funny things to do and new games!

A few weeks ago we received a very special visit from one of the tourists at Bush Camp, who after hearing about the kindergarten designed a music activity specially for the children.

They sat in a circle and began following our guest’s movements, creating different rhythms by clapping their hands or hitting their legs. And they loved it!

This was a great opportunity to work as a team, with the participation of small and bigger kids all together. And also to introduce them to some new concepts and to show them the many ways that can be used to create music.

Check the pictures below!

DSC_0117-2DSC_0120-2DSC_0124-2DSC_0131-2DSC_0127 (1)-2